Friday, November 18, 2011


Last year at Amazon in Campbellsville we were Seasonal Campers.

This year, however, we are the CAMPERFORCE, a “branded” word. Here is a look at some of the inbound receive team’s Personal equipment.


The yellow plastic thing at the bottom is a safety knife that we open all of those cardboard boxes full of the stuff we receive into SDF-1.

The blue cards go on the lanyard around the neck and are used several times each day for everything from accessing the facility to logging onto your computer terminal.


The new lanyard is softer and smoother. Here is a closer look. Note the extra plastic latch that will break away  easily if caught on something.


I guess that we all have experienced a paper cut some time or another, that’s the reason for the thin, stretchy, rubber palmed, gloves. As you may well imagine, the cardboard boxes have traveled many miles, are handled many times, and a cut could be quite infectious.


Who would have thought that a computer keyboard could be operated while wearing gloves !

The gloves and knife as well as many other safety related items may be received from a free vending machine that you just “swipe”your ID Badge on.

The top card in the photo above gives an idea of the kind of hours that can be available should you want extra hours.

We have completed our two weeks of “work hardening” , five hour days. The “peak” of the season is starting and we will be busy busy busy !

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Jim and Bobbie said...

LOL, glad it is you and not me!!! Just arrived in Parker, AZ and will be in Yuma tomorrow. It is a balmy 74* which is just perfect for me. Thinking of you.