Friday, September 26, 2008


( MS )
Quietly he had turned the alarm clock off.
The clock was set for 0430 hours, but he had slipped out of bed, early, carefully, so as to not wake his wife.
When he checked the time on the front of the computer, as it booted up, it said 0340 hours. He left the computer sound system off, again, not to bother his wife.
As the outlook express brought up the email that had arrived overnight, he thought, “I bet i’m wasting my time, she is probably awake anyhow”.
Email checked, he shut the computer down. Then he noted that he could smell the coffee brewing in the kitchen. “I was right,” he thought, she is not only awake but, she has already made coffee.
The squirrel dogs in the kennel are restless as he takes the thermos jug and the .22 out to the cammo truck.
They know.
She checks a last few things while he loads the rat terriers into the dog box.
By now they are vocalizing loudly in anticipation of the hunt to come.
Now, they know for sure.
They drive out on the lease to the “heilo pad”, the nick name for their campsite.
In the pre dawn the whipporwills call nearby.
One more reason why they picked this campsite.
With all the windows down so they can hear better, he hoots like a barred owl. The whipporwills take exception to the owls presence and increase the tempo of their calling.
They grin at each other in the darkness while pouring another cup of coffee from the thermos.
Opening morning of squirrel season !
Ain’t it great to live in the heart of the Ouachita mountains !

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