Friday, September 26, 2008


The door of the motorhome gave a slight protest as he tried to open it quietly with one hand. His other hand was filled with a large steaming coffee mug. Dillon was in a hurry to be the first one out of the door and he brushed by his leg. As Dillon disappeared into the pre dawn darkness, a grin crossed his face, he thought to himself, ” that ol’ guy knows where we are going, i’ll bet”.The campsites were side by side, set up so that they complimented each other in that there was a common area for meals, yet each had their privacy. As he gathered up his folding chair he heard his friend greet Dillon, “yeh, he thought, he knew for sure.” Walking down towards the water he soon saw the outline of his friend in a folding chair, patting Dillon on the head. As he set his chair down and sat in it, they were all facing East up the inlet. They could tell that it was coming. It would be here soon. Neither spoke, it wasn’t necessary.A gentle rasping sound caught his attention as his wife, who he thought was still asleep, unfolded her chair, placing it in the growing line of chairs facing towards the East. Birds that began to twitter in the trees nearly covered the sound of his friend’s wife’s arrival. Another chair in the line. Dillon was facing the east, just like every one in the quiet gathering.A outboard motor came to life, sputtered into a rough idle then slowly entered out onto the lake. Though it was light enough to see, the boat’s operator turned on his running lights. Idling out onto the lake, the boat made almost no wake on the slick as glass water.Then, almost catching them by supprise, though they were waiting for it, expecting it, anticipating it, the sun’s first rays burst upon them. Majestic and wonderful colors sprayed out in lines across the lake. This myriad of colors was what they had risen early for. This time tomorrow they would also be idling down the lake, looking for the jugs that they had cast the night before at dusk. Sipping on coffee, hoping for a good catch.But this morning was their first morning at the lake and they hadn’t cast jugs the night before. They were taking full advantage of the beauty of this special moment.As the moment faded into daylight, they stood up and folded their chairs, it was then that he said what each had been thinking, “I’ve been waiting all Winter for that !”The ladies began to talk about what each would bring to the breakfast table. The guys began to talk about the first order of business, catching bait fish, right after breakfast.The ladies went one way, towards the campers, while the guys went the other, towards the boats that were bobbing gently at anchor nearby.The name on the boat was visible, it was anchored out from shore a short distance, attached to a bungee buoy that would stretch and let him pull the boat to shore.Pulling on the anchor line , he pulled the boat to the shore and stepped aboard to begin the daily chores. He checked the bilge pump and vented the bilge area to insure there were no explosive vapors, then wiped down the windshield and seats, that’s when he heard the call. “It’s on the table !” Turning all of the switches to off he noted that Dillon had abandoned him and was already at the breakfast table. He was in his very best “sit” looking intently at the platter of bacon that was being brought to the table. There was no doubt that he had designs on that first peice of bacon to leave that platter !

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