Tuesday, September 30, 2008


A cool breeze blew in overnight and about 0300 hours Dillon gave me a punch. He flipped the covers up with his nose and jabbed me in the ribs, with his cold nose. I was snuggled up under the comforter with every window in the house open. Betty is over at her folks house taking care of them. Dillon's whine told me that there was something that needed my attention. As I slipped on my sandals I could hear Nada also. He was in the kennel in the living room. He has had surgery and is wearing a cone to keep him from pulling stitches. Nada is recovering well and was also vocalizing that something was going on outside. I could hear nothing, but the kennel dogs could, and they were also talking about it.
Picking up the million candle power rechargeable flashlight, I released the door and the dogs boiled out of the door, challenging what ever was out there. Within seconds Dillon gave his "catch sound", then yelped in pain. Pandemoneum broke out as the kennel dogs chimed in with Dillon and Nada who had began to bark up. Coming around the corner of the house, I could tell the dogs had treed something and I turned the light on.
Dillon was in his alert signal sit, and Nada had his feet up on a large white oak tree in the yard by the West pasture. They were challenging a marauding Raccoon to come down and fight like a man !
I figgured that the coon had been silently raiding the bird feeders when the breeze had shifted bringing his scent to the dogs.
The breeze had a cold bite to it, telling of a front that was arriving. With the light off and the goose bumps standing out on my bare legs, I slipped back into the warmth of the house, with the now empty bladdered dogs at my heels.
With Nada re kenneled, the fan in the window now turned off, I snuggled back under the covers. The last thing I remember before dozing off was Dillon curling up by the bed in his guard position.
The morning's coffee brought with it a list of things to do before the first hard freeze arrived. I remembered those goose bumps from the night before.
At the top of the list, winterize Harm's Weigh.

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