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Early settlers knew that they were well over into Oklahoma when they stopped at the deep shade of the giant old oak trees. The ground was packed down firmly from the generations of visitors to this special place. Located on the banks of the Robinson Fork River, nine miles West of the Arkansas State line, it was well known for its wonderful spring. The spring flowed clearly, tasted great, and was exceptionally cold.
Located nine miles West of Grannis Arkansas, almost to the Union Valley Road in Oklahoma, it was frequently a resting place for those traveling west into the Indian Nations.
Current visitors to the refreshing site no longer have to travel into Oklahoma to get there.
Before the turn of the century the state line was straightened out, which moved it nine miles to the west. This moving of the State line took in the spring which is currently located on the one hundred thirty acre Mountain Springs Christian Youth Camp.
Mountain Springs Christian Youth Camp was started in 1987 by Rodger and Pam Robbins, who felt the call to minister to the youth of the area.
Truly in the Arkansas Outback, the Youth Camp is not serviced by electric lines or telephone service. A generator is started daily to pump water to the water tank and to keep the freezers frozen. Though calls may be made by driving to a nearby mountain top, telephone service is a iffy thing and by cellular only.
Driving through the entrance gateway you may well see long horn cattle or buffalo grazing in nearby pastures.
Early years of the camp saw groups of eight to ten campers at each session, camping in tents. As facilities improved, attendance kept coming up, until there are about fifty in each group, that stay in four bunk house cabins.
Guests at the camp may learn about the art of flint knapping ( arrow head making ), or making their own bows and arrows from scratch. Visiting ministers instruct in various outdoors crafts to include horse whispering techniques.
The screened in kitchen and cafeteria do double duty as class rooms during rainy days, but most classes are taught in the outdoors to emphasize the woods craft skills.
Late in the year the Father and Son campout is a favorite for many. The three free camps each year are popular, but the Summer is filled with camps full of visitors that are discovering the beauty of the Ouachita Mountains.
Interested in the free camps, or just want to learn more ? Check out Mountain Springs Christian Youth Camp, look on the internet at:, or:
PO Box 147
Grannis Arkansas 71944
United States

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