Friday, September 26, 2008


Standing beside what is now Arkansas highway 278, formerly Arkansas highway 4, the brick building with the graceful window arches seems to guard the Eastern approach to the town of Wickes. It is the tallest building within eyesight and is one of the most eye catching in the Southern part of Polk County. Quality design and architecture are timeless, and that is the case with this grand old structure.
Located near the center of Wickes for many generations this timeless part of history has served it’s community in a multitude of capacities.
It’s likeness has graced the cover of many School annuals and is the center of many fond memories of those that studied there. A recent conversation with former student Doyce Hedge,
who attended school in the building until her Senior year, yielded fond memories of school yard tussles and the move to the "new rock school up on the hill".
The building is and will always be “the old school house” to those that attended there.
Currently home of the City of Wickes and is often referred to as “city hall”. Daily operations of the city’s street, water and other departments are conducted from the location.
The red brick structure has been the center of community functions for many years and still continues to be used by Rich Mountain Community College and the Wickes School District during its growth and new construction process.
Built in nineteen hundred and ten, the building has served the community as the Home of a church, the Boy Scouts and the Masonic lodge and was sold by the lodge to the City of Wickes when the new Lodge building across the street was completed.
The interior has changed little and the exterior looks the same with the exception of energy efficient windows. During the restoration of the building Robert hedge returned the staircase to the center entry way, it's original location.
In today's rush to make progress, historical "Gem in the Rough", such as the Wickes City Hall, often fall to the wreckers ball. Thanks to several local groups this landmark is not only preserved, but is still serving the community.
Wickes residents are proud that their old school is still there and able to serve their community, it shows when you talk to them about it. Stop in to the Wickes City Hall, say hello to Mayor Leon McCleskey and City Clerk Sandra Wilcher. A handshake, a friendly smile and a cheery hello awaits you.

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