Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Sometimes it is irreverently called “big nasty”, by rail workers and rail fans. Most of us have seen those large letters on trains as they pass by. They actually stand for Burlington Northern and Santa Fe railroad.

Tonight we are parked near the rail yard with a view. Here is a look.


Being somewhat of a rail fan, I just couldn’t resist. I swung off of the interstate, and down into the industrial park where their yard is located.


Away from the highway noise and somewhat away from the rail noise, I think we may overnight here !


In the cool of the evening as the sunsets, the colors in the sky become almost magical. It’s time to drag the lawn chairs out and watch the show !

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Happy Trails said...

Scares me to see the truck, rv, and jeep all hooked up together like a long train! I am glad you feel safe doing this, would scare me spitless! STAY SAFE!