Saturday, May 4, 2013


It has been several years since we fished Lake Ouachita’s North river fork. Things have changed quite a bit. The hydrilla is gone. That really changes things up for our style of fishing. In particular, the bait fish catch. Changes for the bait fish also mean changes for the game fish.

We are trying to adjust to the changes, and we are trying out some gear that we have never used before. Here is a look.


An Alabama style umbrella lure that we can use different jigs on.


Most people cast a jig with a grub of some type on it, one at a time. However, with the Umbrella rig it is five baits at a time.


We’re going to try these, like this.


Click on photo for a better look.

It should look like a small school of bait fish with one straggler. We hope. I wonder if this crazy looking thing can catch fish half of a limit at a time !

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