Saturday, May 25, 2013


Each year just before departing on our seven months out on the road in America’s Heartland, we sort our plunder. PLUNDER: That stuff that you truck from place to place thinking that you might need it at some point during the journey. Everything comes out of the truck bed and is re-assessed as to it’s likely hood of being needed. Here is a look at some heavy tools that we won’t be paying the fuel cost to haul along with us.


Here is the truck bed before the last few things are loaded.


Here is a couple of things that still need to be loaded.


The fifthwheel tripod and the satellite dish take up a lot of room in the truck bed.


As do the pile of wood blocks and the gas can for the generator. The gas can is carried empty and weigh’s little, but those blocks weight is significant. So why carry those heavy blocks, you might ask ? Because every campground we have ever managed we find small brightly colored pieces of plastic from where  those light weight plastic blocks have been crushed by a RV’s weight.  

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