Thursday, May 23, 2013


Each year as we make our circle around America’s Heartland, it takes us right at seven months. Last year during that time I began to notice that even though I was being careful about checking the level, it just didn’t seem quite right, when we setup. The front door would be a bit “sticky” and would have to shut hard, then Betty would tell me that her sink wasn’t draining like she liked for it to.


I began to suspect the level that is permanently mounted on the 5er’s hitch. Note the mounting screw on the right of the photo. Sure enough, something had, somewhere along the way, knocked it off, just what, I Dunno’.

It was time to recalibrate it using the bubble level that I found on the beach, on Padre Island in the Winter  of  2009.


Bringing the doorway to level with it, and resetting the hitch level solved the problem.

Aaaahhh, now there,   .  .  .  .   all is square with the World !

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