Saturday, June 1, 2013


There are seven outhouses scattered out among the three campgrounds here in Arapaho Bay. The three campgrounds are, Big Rock, Moriane and Roaring fork where we are camped. It is named Roaring Fork because of the steady, sonorous roar of the water fall nearby. Here is a look at the outhouses that are here.



Those large black pipes at the back wall get warm in the sunlight and vent all odor as long as the seat lid is shut. HEY ! A outhouse with dual exhaust ! Pretty cool stuff !

Now, I used to hear the big boys talk about something or other being built like a brick outhouse, but it is hard to imagine anything being fancier than these are !

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Dave and Susie said...

So glad to know you are going to be near Bobbie and Jim Chapman, friends of ours.