Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Seems as though where ever we are at on our work camping tour around America’s Heartland, we be a’ dodgin’ !

Coming across Oklahoma on interstate forty during this trip West, we either sped up, drove longer days or slowed down to stay well clear of tornadic activity that we were monitoring  several ways, including the internet.

To get to our campground this Spring, we had to dodge around a couple of snow closed passes.


Today’s thing that we are monitoring is a nearby forest fire that we may have to dodge, should the wind shift direction.

Next week there may well be a whole new situation that we are monitoring, just incase we need to dodge something or other.

Wow ! That’s a pretty good excuse to have lots of cool electronic toys laying around !


Bill K said...

Any excuse for a new toy. LOL

Bill Kelleher

JO said...

I was wondering if you may have to move on. Hope it all works out for the best.