Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Several years ago, while camped in Trujillo Meadows, located in South Central Colorado near the New Mexico State line, we inherited a chair. Geri and Chuck forgot it by the campfire when they left to continue their trip. Years have passed, and though we communicate on a regular basis, and have had several near misses, we still haven’t had a chance to return the chair.


As you can see, we have put it to good use, and, have nearly worn it out.


It is beginning to show wear around the edges.


Sun is fading it, and I am quite sure that as many campfires as it has seen, probably smells like smoke.


The arm rests are frayed and the back rest is swayed.

Geri and Chuck, your chair is nearly used up ! We have faithfully and diligently stored and transported your chair for you, but now it ain’t much punkin’. Please remember that inflation has ran cost up when you send money to us to buy a replacement chair !

He, he, I hope that every one realizes that this is a long standing joke that we have enjoyed with Chuck and Geri ! We write about the chair from time to time to trot out a old and valued joke that we share.

Chuck, we will take cash, check or money order !!!


Geri Moore-Hajek said...

I sure liked that chair! It was the best one I ever had! LOL! I am glad that 2 of my bestest friends got to benefit from my forgetful nature! hahaha! I hope it will last you one more summer!

Phil and Rudee said...

that 50 cent per mile shipping and handling fee adds up quick too! LOL.

Geri Moore-Hajek said...

You know? That chair still looks darned good! We have gone through 2 pricey but worthless chairs since we left that one with you! Might be worth the postage to get one good chair back with the MotherShip!