Monday, July 1, 2013


It’s an acronym, BLRA is, and it stands for Brainerd Lake Recreation Area. Yesterday we moved from the Arapaho Bay complex to the BLRA, located 10,300 feet up in the front range of the Rocky Mountains. Here is a look at our first sunup while we are parked in a temporary site, waiting for crews to finish clearing Winter blow down timber.


The view out of the living room window.

We are temporarily staged in the day use area near the lake.


Here is a closer look at Brainerd lake.


The streams are all flush with run off from the quickly melting snow pack.


Our team members are beginning to arrive from their various staging sites where they were awaiting the word to go to their assigned areas. After they get their campsite set up, they begin to dial into their start up details with our area manager.

We are finally in to our regular assignment after a wait for snow pack to melt off.

And so it begins, another Summer adventure up high in the Rocky Mountains !


Dave and Susie said...

Larry, It looks devine! Wish we were there.

mountainborn said...

Hey you guys ! Wish you were too !

Emily said...

I hope forest fires is not a huge, huge concern up there. Will be keeping my eye on that area.

JO said...

Just Beautiful!

richies said...

Brainerd Lake is a beautiful place.
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