Monday, July 15, 2013


Our campsite here in the BLRA is ten thousand three hundred feet high. Here is a look at our site, nestled back amongst the fir trees.


For a larger view, click the photo. The roof top solar panels have full sunlight nearly all day, so we still haven’t ran our generator but once, on a day off, when Betty made biscuits for breakfast.  The TV satellite dome picks up well here, so we haven’t even deployed the tripod antenna.


One thing that our site has that we have never had before, is a Bear box to keep bears out of ice chest and so forth. It sure makes for good dry storage right on our campsite !


We have paved roads, water and sewer hook ups, man, are we ever in tall cotton !


Our fire pit and barbeque grill have never been used ! We’ll fix that at the first opportunity !


The angle we are parked at nearly puts the awning out over the picnic table.

The 4th of July has been busy here at the BLRA and the weather has been exemplary ! Nights down in the low 40’s, days up in the low 70’s and rain to sleep by at night !

The BLRA, is a good Summer Workamper site.

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JO said...

Looks so peaceful and beautiful. Selling my trailer in Pinetop, maybe I will get it right this time and find a nice little tow trailer and get moving.