Wednesday, June 5, 2013


In the Rocky Mountain Spring time, the wind shifts to the South West. This warm breeze coming up from the dessert South West accelerates the snow melt off, up at high elevations. The rivers swell with the run off and soon the lakes are rising.


Our campground gets it’s name from that runoff cascading down the nearby waterfall.

The campground is on the shoreline of  Lake Granby. Here is how it looks on the map.


Our campground is located to the far right at the East end of Arapaho Bay. Here is a look at the lake level.


Does it seem like the lake is really low ? Right, but then consider what the Ranger told me the other day. The lake is rising at a rate of a foot each day ! Woo Hoo ! Now, that’s a lot of snow meltin’ off ! At that rate we will soon be fishing from our door step !

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richies said...

My wife spent most of her summer weekends camping on Lake Granby.
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