Monday, October 3, 2011


Our office slide out had  some of the wiring ripped out from the tires that blew out. It took awhile to trace out and repair the various circuits.


After getting Betty’s kitchen back in working order and her propane leak repaired, I started to work on my little hideout in the office slide.

The sugar beet harvest is on hold for a few days because of high temperatures, so, I’ll start making repairs to the last of the damages.

As I spent so much time under the trailer I noted that the gorilla tape that covered the belly skin access, from a heat tape modification that I made, wasn’t holding up well. Today I will remove the tape and do a ty wrap and silicone repair.  Here is a “before” look.


I will remove the tape, clean the area with alcohol, then add many more ty wraps before closing the seam with silicone.


B. Schell said...

That piece of angle iron caused a lot of trouble. I feel your pain, a tire blew on my previous trailer and went through the wheel well and sent pieces of tire into the interior of the trailer. I had steel belted pieces in the sink!!!!

mountainborn said...

Thanks. You are right. We had pieces if steel belt that had stuck in the belly skin and were hanging down everywhere.