Thursday, September 29, 2011


After destroying our aluminum wheels by hitting a piece of angle iron, we looked at our sad looking wheels there on the side of interstate 94, and thought, holey schizzle, where will we ever find replacements !

We limped into a nearby station where they put on our spare, sold us a new tire and a used wheel, and we were on our way again, but, without a spare.

The propane line to our refrigerator had been cut, so we turned the refrigerator off and kept the door shut. We drove straight on through to the sugar beet harvest where we had full hookups. Arriving about midnight, we immediately hooked up to electricity so the refrigerator would be working again.

In between working the pre pile, we made repairs in the order of most immediate need. Getting the propane restored was high on that list so that Betty could cook, etc..

Since we were to be here for weeks, the wheel and tires could wait to last. Today I finally located replacement wheels that matched the others and got them ordered.

Locating the wheels wasn’t a easy chore. I searched on line catalogs diligently, without results.

Here is what our size, bolt pattern and design looks like.


Once I started from the other end, the manufacturer’s end, it started going better.

A few calls later I was talking to Scott at Trailer wheels and tires .com, here is a link to their website.

Though the wheel wasn’t on their website, Scott took a look at the photo I sent him and within minutes he had found them in their warehouse !

Wow, talk about service ! I have logged their website into favorites for future reference. Hey, you know how it goes, you just can’t tell when you might come across a piece of angle iron in the highway.

Thanks to Scott, we are nearing the end of our repairs.

We think that we would like to upgrade our tires from eight ply to ten ply. We have found a source for them in a National chain that will fix our flats for free. More on that later.

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