Tuesday, September 20, 2011


They call it an annual permit.


They know and we know, that we will only be here for the day, and need to park one time only. To call it a annual parking permit and charge $11, is thinly disguised fraud for a couple of hours parking. It is sad to think that a government agency is willing to damage public trust so readily.

You would think that a National monument would be a place of honor and trust, that is available for all to view at a reasonable cost and be free from deception that is designed to gather our dollars.


tinytim said...

Of course that would mean that the government would have to handle its money better. Not sure that's going to happen.

Happy Camper said...

There ya go thinkin' again!

BK said...

I am of the opinion that the
US Park Service,
Corps of Engineers,
All National Parks
seem to be run fairly well. If it were not for volunteers and donations and the National Park Foundation I wonder what shape they would be in. I much prefer camping/boondocking in the National Parks, Corps Parks, BLM areas and others of like discription.

The $11.00 is not only for parking. I think it may be particially for crowd control and to help subsidise the parks and national monuments locally. It seems to be the management or lack there of we have in Washington that could use sme revamping.