Friday, September 16, 2011


Trouble out on the highway can come in many forms. Our trouble was tires. It happened suddenly.

We were in the left lane running 65, passing a string of vehicles that were coming out onto interstate 90 from a on ramp.

Vehicles in our lane ahead of us didn’t swerve to miss it, so some one may have hit it. Yet after the dust settled, we were the only ones on the side of the highway with trouble.

Though I only got a glimpse of it, it looked like a piece of angle iron in our lane of travel. As it disappeared under our tow vehicle we heard a clang sound , like maybe a tire had clipped it. Then a loud boomBOOM as two trailer tires blew almost at the same time.

As the debris started to fly up in the air, the cars in the right lane fell back, and we went quickly to the shoulder. Total elapsed time from boom to stopped on the shoulder, maybe as much as 35 to 40 seconds.

Here is a look at the end result.




Propane line to the hot water heater.


Belly skin and wires hanging down.


Spare put on, used wheel and new tire put on.


Leak in propane line repaired. A few ty wraps to put the belly skin back in place, then, on to the sugar beet harvest !

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Happy Trails said...

Chuck and I are so thankful that this had a happy ending and life finds you and Betty safe and sound in beet territory!