Monday, September 19, 2011


While sightseeing around the area near Mount Rushmore, we had a great campsite at a nearby lake. Here is a look.


Tired from sight seeing we slept soundly beside the lake.


Our length, pulling double, required some thought before pulling in and out.


Sun rise and we are getting ready for another dose of road !


Happy Camper said...

Hi! What campground is that? We are looking at going to S. Dakota next year but don't have a clue where the best campgrounds are. That one looked nice according to your pics.

mountainborn said...

Sheridan Lake, North East of Hill City, Sd. It was twelve miles to Mount Rushmore and away from all the hurly Burly of a tourist town. Each major loop has a campground host on it. There are nearly 130 campsites there. We were on site 116, right down on the water.

mountainborn said...

Oh, by the way it was a pull through site so we didn't have to unhook the tow dolly, just roll the 4x4 pick up truck on and off.

JOJO said...

I just read your older post about the tires. Glad you made it out of that OK. I was reading a blog The Easts head West, they had two blow outs. They just purchase these tires not to long ago, They found out they were made in China. Of course you had a different problem but it sure is scary.
Enjoy the beet festival.
This camp ground is beautiful.