Thursday, September 22, 2011


There is a wonderful scenic loop through the Black Hills. It is the red circle in the photo below. Click for a larger view.


Note that there is a shortcut across the circle that will let you cut across the Custer State Park. It is the black line in the middle that is labeled 16a.

A half mile up the road there is a manned check point that requires you to pay $15 for another one of those annual permits, just to travel the ten miles of road one time. We decided to continue on around the loop the longer way.

The longer way gave us a look at lots of wild life and was an enjoyable drive.


Click to make photo larger and you can see that this mother mountain goat has twins.


There were quite a few Buffalo roaming freely .


Signs along the roadside warn motorists that buffalo and bighorn sheep have the right of way.

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