Wednesday, October 26, 2011


When we got ready to depart the overnighting site beside the Bass Pro Shop in Independence Missouri this morning, only one leg of the fifth wheel’s landing gear would raise up. Here is where we were parked.


It turned out to be a simple fix though.

The rough interstate highway 29, was the culprit.

Each year we say, “I hope that the construction on I-29 is finished”. Well, this year, it was mostly completed all right. However the new part was ever bit as rough as the old damaged part !

It was plumb crazy ! Beautiful new interstate highway, that would nearly shake the fillings out of your teeth !

We tried everything to smooth it out a bit. Finally, we dropped our speed down to more than ten MPH below the speed limit, and just gritted our teeth, toughing it out. Stopping on a regular basis to take a break.

That constant shaking worked a bolt loose on the landing gear jacks. We replaced the bolt, flat washer, lock washer and nut, then cut off the excess length with a hacksaw.

Here is a look at the replacement bolt.


After sleeping in, having breakfast and making the repair, it was mid morning before we hit the road to Columbia Mo., where we planned to have lunch.

It would be a late lunch , but quite a unique and very cool one ! We is now TV starz !! 

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