Sunday, October 9, 2011


Roaring up into the Red River valley of the North, winds coming from a Southerly direction have brought high temperatures and have shut down the sugar beet harvest for several days in a row.

The National Weather service forecast was for gusts of wind up to 60 plus miles per hour.

Denned up in our fifth wheeler, we caught up on sleep, laundry and eating out. Regular gusts of wind would shake us around.

The wind let up for awhile this morning and we went to town for a few groceries. On the way we came upon a 18 wheeler that had been blown over as it traveled down the highway. Here is a look. The date on the camera was off, again, from changing batteries, again.


Click on the photo to make it larger and you can see where the rescue squad cut the windowshield and the steering wheel out, to remove the driver.

Here is a look at the other side of the truck.


As you can see, by the extreme steering axle angle,  the driver was trying to “get back under” his trailer as it was being blown over. It slid on it’s side for quite some distance in the highway before going into the ditch.

Two 18 wheeler wreckers arrived while we were there.


Here is a short video clip of the skid marks and over view of the area.

High wind blows semi off of the road

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