Friday, October 28, 2011


Yep, we has done went and done it ! We is television stars now ! While having lunch at the Midway Truck stop in Columbia Missouri, they were filming their Halloween episode for the History Channel’s Truck stop Missouri series.


While in the Men’s room washing up for lunch, I noted a cast member putting on zombie makeup.

Truck Stop Missouri Bench

Cool hand carved cedar bench at entry way.

Truck Stop Mo Menu

The daily lunch special was meatloaf, one of my favorites.

Truck Stop Mo Cast at table

Truck Stop Missouri cast at the table.

During our meal, we were asked to sign releases to be background extra’s during a scene. You know that we jumped on a very cool thing like that. Here is Betty getting her photo taken by a staffer for the TV series.

Truck Stop Mo Bett photo 

The meal was great, and the dessert excellent. I had the pie al la mode.

Truck Stop Mo Pie Al La Mode

As we were leaving the star and staffers let us interrupt a meeting long enough for a quick photo and hand shakes all around. Here is a look.

Truck Stop Missouri Folks

Even if our TV debut  winds up on the cutting room floor, it was a lunch that we will never forget !

Here is a short video of the back lot where all of the trucks park.

Woo Hoo we is gona’ be on television !

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Been there many times when I was driving a truck..