Thursday, October 13, 2011


ST 225/75 R 15 E, is the size that we replaced our original equipment tires that had blown out, with.

Load range E, 10 ply tires that carry 85 PSI of air pressure in them. Our old tires were ST 225/75 R 15 D, 8 ply tires that held 65 PSI.


Made in China by TRANSMASTER.


Here is a look at the tread pattern.


I asked the tire guy at Sam’s Club about the blue and white stripe on the tread, he said it was a warehouse marking. They looked pretty good for a heavier 10 ply tire, here is a look.


A look at the new valve stems.


And here is a look at them sitting on the ground in place.


Don’t know how they will pull yet, but they sure sit up better than the old 8 ply tires with 65 PSI in them did.


Kathy said...

This has nothing to do with your tires, although I AM glad you got them...We sure are missin' them Ozark hills! Kathy and Robert

B. Schell said...

I'm trying to locate some steel fenders that will fit up into the wheel wells on my travel trailer. I can't believe the manufactures put plastic liners in the wheel wells. Good to hear that your repairs are complete and the RV is ready to go.