Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Last year as we left out for Colorado, we had on hand a couple of those oil filled radiator looking heaters. So, we took them and a fan to put behind one of them to move more air. They worked ok, but, they weren’t very efficient. Here is a look at the old set up:


It isn’t hard to see just how much room this system took up, then there was the power consumption and the noise.


They they sure enough  took up quiet a bit of space and made more noise than we would have liked. By the time we had traveled sixteen thousand miles, the plastic wheels had broken. It was time for a change.

Here is the newer, more expensive, quieter and much more efficient electric heat set up.


The Vornado Model VH 103.


Smaller, quieter, lighter and 25% more efficient !

These heaters will make life in SPF-60 easier yet !

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