Wednesday, February 16, 2011


When we went shopping for our next boat, we looked at many options, but went back to the full service dealership that we had used back in 2000. Some here may remember HARM’S WEIGH that we bought at Bradford Marine. Great boat, excellent service. In this age of buy outs and corporate raiders, customer service often falls by the wayside. Eleven years had passed since our last purchase at Bradford and the customer service was still exemplary ! Our sales man, Jerry Jewell was most gracious and extremely knowledgeable about the various model’s. Jerry’s input insured that we got the boat and motor package that was just right for us.

We have walked into other dealerships dressed as we usually dress, you know, brogan shoes, blue denim bib overalls and a camo tee shirt and observed the sales staff take a look at us and try to out wait each other to see just who would have to take care of that looser. That didn’t happen here. Jerry met us at the door with his hand out in a firm handshake while introducing himself.  We almost never buy upon the first look at something, yet there was no high pressure sales pitch. It was days later that we returned for a second look. Thanks Jerry for your courtesy, help and friendship !

UPS knocked on the door last evening and I remembered again why we used that dealership. Our registration package arrived in this box.


The custom designed registration numbers for the boat are going to look good. I got a pleasant surprise when I found the trailer registration and license plate.

The dealership had upgraded the trailers license plate from the standard tag that must be renewed periodically to a permanent tag ! Way to go !

As much as we are on the road, renewing tags can be a bit of a pain and this was much appreciated !


They even included the bolts to put the license plate on.

In the top photo you might notice that the rolodex is open. Yes, the crew,  at Bradford Marine in Hot Springs Arkansas, got a thank you call !

Danny spent considerable time going over the many details, insuring that everything was to our satisfaction. Thanks Danny Keesee, for being such a friendly, competent professional, it is a pleasure indeed to call you friend.

At pick up time, a couple of weeks later, we had stuff going on and had to wait a bit, Ron Kolb, the rigging and Demo Manager, went over our new purchase from stem to stern, with us. Nothing went unexplained. Ron’s Knowledge and expert delivery to us, will extend the service life and pleasure of using our boat for many years ! Ron gave us many tips, gleaned from years of experience, you know the kind of tip that can save a problem on down the road somewhere.

You know, I guess that top notch service like what we got at Bradford’s in Hot Springs, is in the small details.

Thanks guys, for making this, our second in eleven years, such a great experience !

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