Friday, February 18, 2011


It is that time of the year again, and as we sort through the receipts, categorizing them into the various expense areas, we get a very good look at the year just past.  Expensive is the word that comes to mind.

Our first year of workamping as migrant workers was the toughest of the two we have done so far. Our 17’ fiberglass camp trailer and Jeep tow vehicle were ever so cool, but working out of them for many months was pretty physically demanding on us. We traded our Jeep in for a one ton dually and traded the fiberglass camper for a fifth wheel trailer. Life became much easier, but expenses went up. Then we traveled thousands of miles more this year as we worked East of the Mississippi River, just South of Indianapolis Indiana in Campbellsville Kentucky.

We made a little less in the way of income this year, but, and that’s a big BUT, we spent way more on fuel and maintenance on the dually. However, physically,  life got easier.

This year, since fuel is so expensive, we will tow our 25 MPG Nissan to use as a daily driver, hoping that will reduce cost somewhat. That change in it’s self, cost twenty two hundred dollars to purchase a tow dolly to pull it with. I added some extra safety options to the dolly, LED Lighting and a surge brake system with disc brake rotors. Which ran the cost up a bit. Maybe with the adjustments we are making we will stop going in the hole and start to make a little bit for a change !

Our tax preparer is a friend that always goes the extra step to insure that we understand every thing and get the maximum refund. Here is a note that she sent home with us :


We had w-2’s from four states last year, so she sent a note home with us to help us keep it straight. Note the nice single envelope package that is easy to store in our fifth wheel, each envelope is a different year’s tax return.

Thanks Lori Wright, and all of the Mena H & R Block crew, for taking the extra steps, and for being such good friends.


Now for a second cup of coffee while we plan our trip to Lake Greeson for Jugfest2011.


JOJO said...

At least you are done with your taxes. I don't have much to claim so maybe I can do it myself this year. Thats a big maybe.
Hope you enjoy your fishing trip.

Brian and Sharon Scofield said...

We got our taxes done.
It cost us more to pay H&R than to pay the IRS!
No more self-employment. Next year maybe we can do it on our own.