Monday, February 14, 2011


While at the sugar beet harvest we bought a second flat panel television for the bedroom.

The idea was to have DirecTv send a installer to put in a DVR and hook up the bedroom tv. That tech didn’t understand how Rv systems work and couldn’t do it with out disabling either the batwing antenna or the Winegard Roadtrip dome. He just didn’t get it. He was a “sticks and bricks”, home installer and didn’t want to mess with our RV’s systems. We told him thanks, but no thanks.

To be able to have satellite TV in our office slide as well as the bedroom, in our constantly changing environment, we went with a low tech solution.


We added an extra cable from our tripod dish. There were no modifications necessary at the dish feed horn end, just add the extra cable. This way there are two cables running to the RV from the tripod dish


The install was quite simple. Remove two screws, slide the feed horn off and attach the second cable.


Here is a closer look at the feed horn end. Each television has it’s own receiver and remote. They only share the signal at the dish it’s self. Each TV can watch anything that is available, independent of the other.

And our internal systems, the dome and the batwing, remain un altered.

The only negative is that this low tech solution requires the use of a flat cable to pass through a nearby window. Here is a look:


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