Thursday, February 24, 2011


Betty’s crochet corner:


Today is a drizzly overcast kind of a late Winter day here in the Ouachita Mountains.

After breakfast we decided that it was likely too wet to be trucking a load of stuff over to the docking port.

Betty has been knitting some team color scarf’s for various family members. Here is a look:


Our Jack Russell Terrier Patch has taken over my recliner and Poco seems to be saying, “ Come on ma’, I need my chair back !”

Here is a rare look at the living room with the chairs empty !


Here is one of the completed children’s scarf’s.


The snow depth gauge near our campground at Trujillo Meadows currently has 73, yep, that’s seventy three inches of snow covering it today.

Man ! Are we ever ready to go jug fishing !


Gail Durham said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow!!!

Oscar said...


Hi there, you lucky dog . . . I see you fit right in with Poco and his trained humans. Hope to see ya up in the Rockies so we can chase those rascally chipmunks together.