Saturday, February 12, 2011


Some states have lighting requirements that will not allow any part of a vehicle to extend more than 5’ beyond the tail lights. Our Nissan 4x4’s pickup bed and rear bumper will be more than 5’ beyond the tow dolly’s tail lights. To make sure that we stay legal in those places, we spliced in a plug for a set of magnetic lights to go on the Nissan’s rear bumper. Note that the splice is soldered and heat shrink sealed against moisture intrusion. It is located near the surge brake on the tow dolly’s tongue, by the ball hitch. The magnetic light plug in, is located at the center of the spare tire.


The magnetic lights are rolled up and sitting on the fender in this photo.


Here we are, nearly a year after we switched to a fifth wheel trailer, and we are still making adjustments to the way we operate, to make things easier, simpler and safer.

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