Saturday, October 23, 2010


As in upper Peninsula of Michigan. Or UP’er. More commonly pronounced yooper. Usually used as  in, “hey, are you a up’er”, “Yaa’ im’ a yooper” !

Having followed the musical antics of UP recording artists DA YOOPERS, it was a given that if I ever got near, I would check in at their store.

They, DA YOOPERS, were in, and as I was dressed in my usual bib overalls, brogans and camo sweat shirt, they just had to say hi. I think they mistook me for a long lost yooper cousin, until that is, they heard my accent !

Which promptly caused their response,” you sure got some funny accent”. “ Where you from!” Soon we were yakkin’ it up big time !

Here they are in a photo they graciously posed in for us:


These guys are the real deal, not the creation of a talent agent. They are exactly as they are, and a pleasure to visit with.

And their souvenir, rock shop and Museum paints a great picture of life in the UP.    Their collection of signed celebrity visitors photos is astounding !

I’m a’ tellin’ ya’, if ya’ get near, go see the store, it’s a great place to visit. We spent hours there.

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Eric said...

But did they get your signature.