Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Fort Mchillinac, he, he, you know that i’ve spelt that one wrong !, lies at the South end of the mackinac Bridge.


These marine guns are commonly called the guns that won the civil war.


This is the far South end of the bridge by the fort. Warning signs and lights proclaim it’s low clearance of 10’6”. At 12’ 8” we found a way around, to get in to the fort.


With the fort’s visitor’s center in the background, we are parked by the bridge. The fall’s leaf crop was being circulated around by light and variable breezes. It was a grand day for a tour !


Great view of the lighthouse with the bridge in the background.


Lighthouse park entrance with the lighthouse in the background.

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Gail Durham said...

that's a beautiful picture of the lighthouse.