Saturday, October 30, 2010


The Mackinac Bridge is impressive. We stopped short of the City of St Ignace and over night’ed at a scenic overlook after driving a bit late. It had been a long day, but a very good one, so, we had just let the miles roll by.

We got up early in anticipation of seeing the bridge. A large full moon was bouncing a broad swath of  it’s magical beams across the slightly rippled surface of Lake Michigan. It was the first thing that we saw as we awoke that morning. And a grand sight it was to be starting off the day.


We waited on breakfast until later and drove closer to the bridge to get coffee and take in the pre dawn view.

  100_2214 100_2215

Then we drove down into the State park on the North end of the bridge.



A more prudent RV’er wouldn’t have driven down into this tight area, I shouldn’t have.

After a lengthy visit and walk around St Ignace, we crossed the Mighty Mac.


We took our time crossing and it was an enjoyable event. Cost was $7. for the four axles.

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