Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Crystal Sugar pays for a couple of days of our campground stay here, after the end of the harvest.

So we have been kickin’ back, eatin’ out and rounding up our plunder. Betty is still doing laundry, the second day of that. That beet mud is tough to get out of work clothing. Some we can get clean, some we just trash. It’s not a big thing to throw away a $4.00 thrift store jacket !

Tomorrow will be “anchor” day, the day we hoist the anchor and head out onto the road again.

We will be enroute to our job with Amazon.com, in Campbellsville, Kentucky.  We have a couple of weeks until our check in time at the Indian Ridge campground, so we will dawdle along the way.

The plan is to bump along the South side of the Canadian border until we can cross the Mackinac Bridge that connects the upper and lower peninsula’s of Michigan.

The bridge it’s self is quite a novel attraction,here is a link to it:

5 mile long bridge web link

And here is a link to the bridge’s web camera:

Web Camera Mackinac Bridge

The web cam refreshes every few seconds so you can click your page refresh button to watch the traffic that is crossing the bridge. As I write this it is nearing 5PM and the traffic is pretty heavy there.

While crossing the bridge we will have lake Huron on one side and lake Michigan on the other. Lake Superior will be along side of our route to the Mackinac bridge crossing, so we will get to see three of the five great lakes on this trip.

The plan is to stay in the Mackinac City area for a couple of days and visit Mackinac Island.

Should the cold weather become an issue, we will ease on South towards Kentucky.

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twokniveskatie said...

love your blog! i look forward to hearing about the Amazon gig.