Monday, October 18, 2010


After a quick work schedule change to adjust to the temperature, the last trucks rolled in to the pilers.

It’s over ! The 2010 Sugar Beet Harvest is history. Unlike last years harvest, the never ending harvest, this one went fast with only four days off due to high temperatures.

This was a great and profitable harvest for us. It was good to meet up and work with old friends again.

Betty and I slept in this morning then went to the Country Hearth Restaurant for their supreme omelets.

This will be a day of rest, turning our days and nights back around, doing laundry and the usual “getting ready to move” chores.

Departing from the good folks of this area will be a sad thing. However we will renew those friendships again at next  year’s harvest !

Our start date at Amazon in Campbellsville Kentucky is November 7th, so we will be able to make a leisurely trip there.IMG_20101015_074618

Betty is the boom operator and has walked out to the edge of the pile to see how the beets are falling.

In the fore ground, ground crew member Mitch is cleaning on the left end dump exit ramp.


A few minutes earlier I am in the cab operating the piler and this is a potato truck that has just finished unloading it’s beets. They don’t raise up, but have a belt that puts them out the back instead.

The sun is rising and we are nearing the end of the harvest.

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