Sunday, October 31, 2010


As we meandered along beside three of the Great Lakes, we were always amazed at the number of good places to pull off of the highway, right into a good place to view, walk and stretch our legs.


Because of the time of the year, many seasonal businesses were already closed. But, those are commercial endeavors that are designed to harvest our dollars, providing little in the way of a close look at America. We don’t always, but usually, avoid those places.


How can a set of rickety, weathered and worn set of wooden steps up to the roof of a motel, hidden behind a large, gaudy sign touting a good view of the Mackinac Bridge for only $1., compare with a walk along lakes Superior, Michigan and  Huron’s shorelines ?

 100_2210 Pull outs, vistas and wonderful shorelines were higher on our list of priorities.

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