Saturday, November 7, 2009


After getting our trailer hooked up, one of the first order of business items was a trip to town to do laundry. A staff member here at the lake, recommended the TIDY WHITIES LAUNDROMAT on West Main Street in Independence. Were we in for a supprise when we got there ! Clean, very clean ! And the most modern and efficient machines we could imagins. The old addage about the whites being whiter was absolutely true at the Tidy Whites Laundry. Here is a few pix:

The friendly and most helpful staff:
It was a new experience for us to load a special credit card to use in each of the machines. The Card could be purchased and loaded right on site. There were no machines marked out of order and every thing not only worked well, but the clothes came out clean, very clean.
It was a cool thing, such a high tech laundry in such a Historic old town. As we loaded our super clean laundry into our Jeep we noted this example of Independence's Old West History:

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