Friday, November 6, 2009


One point nine megabytes per second ! With 3G signal showing five, yes that's right, I said five full bars of cellular service. Wow ! With 1.9 megabyte, up load speeds to the internet, we are gona' be spoiled when we leave the Elk City Lake State Park, located just outside of Independence Kansas. We arrived here late yesterday evening and spent the night down by the lake. It was windy and chilly with a stiff wind coming off of the water. This morning early we were at the Express Employment Professionals office in Independence. Signed the doccuments we had sent in to them last week, submitted a urine sample and were back in camp by 0930hrs. Express will reimburse our camping and other miscellaneous fees with our payday on the 25th of the month. Otherwise it would have cost us in total, $442.20 for a month. Now that includes a Kansas State Parks camping and vehicle pass that is good for a year. A Barred Owl is calling out side of the window across the meadow from our campsite, and we are beginning to settle in quite well as I return his call, prompting a territorial response from him.Here is a video look at our camp site and loop:

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