Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Today is up-anchor day ! It was a slow night on the piler and there was plenty of help, so, Betty and I turned in our personal protective equipment, and told every one good bye. It was the end of a grand adventure for us. We look forward to seeing all of our friends when we return next year.
We slept in a bit this morning, waiting for the overnight freeze to abate a little, then we started the final up anchor chores. Eight hundred miles to the South in Coffeeville Kansas a new adventure awaits us. That and warmer temperatures. We have absolutely and totally enjoyed our time and experience here, but, warmer temps will be pleasant.
We will run long today, stopping late tonite in warmer climes !
In the photo above, things may look a bit "helter-skelter", but in 45 minutes it will look like we were never here !
Next blog update either on the road, or at the lake in Independence Kansas.
Hey, Pete, note the MilSpec camelback hydration pack hanging on the wall of Ollie. I found it at a thrift store in Grand Forks North Dakota for eight dollars. It still had the quality assurance stickers on it and was like new ! It wil come in handy on our next Rocky Mountain Continental Divide adventure !

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Pete said...

Nice hydration rig, Larry! It'll sure beat lugging water bottles :)

Glad you guys are coming south a bit to thaw out. Just in time for winter to set in. he, he, he

ps They also have car washes down this-a-way! =:O