Sunday, September 20, 2009


It's more than Bart Simpson and the Atomic Plant. For us it is about a really cool section of old ROUTE 66. Yes that's right, the mother road where people go to get their kicks. Historic route sixty six West from downtown Springfield to Carthage Missouri is a bit under sixty miles. Old stuff galore and most of it can be seen for free ! We no longer have our old four door hard top to cruise in, but, cruise the mother road we did, in our Jeep ! Talk about cruising, he, he, we came across this right in the old downtown area:

Then there is that other thing, GEOCACHING. There is a place right in the midst of old downtown Springfield, that has a quick park and grab cache. A micro with a story behind it, hidden almost in the back yard of the Missouri State Police Crime Labatory. Here is where we parked to retreive the cache and sign the log, that brick building in the back ground is the crime lab:

The cache owner tells the story about this location and it's signifigance in Missouri Law Enforcement History. Bonnie Parker and Clyde Parker were the perpetrators in this startling turn of events for a Police Officer that had not been on the job for very long. Here is a link to the geocache page and other links of intrest pertaning to this story. I'll bet you like it as well as we did ! Actual newspaper clippings accent the authenticity of this tale !The name of the cache is "BONNIE AND CLYDE WERE HERE 1-26-33

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