Friday, September 25, 2009


Upon arriving at Hillsboro North Dakota for the Sugar Beet Harvest, we checked into the Hillsboro RV Park, a place we are very comfortable with. Here is a look: In this last photo, we were on our way, in the pre dawn, to a training site for the harvest. Here is a quick, from behind the wheel, video tour of the campground:

A brief History pasted from an internet source:
The area along the Goose River that is now Hillsboro was first settled by German and Norwegian settlers around 1870. In 1880, the present day site of Hillsboro was founded under the name "Comstock". Local folklore tells of the residents of nearby Caledonia, North Dakota turning away a shabby surveyor because of his appearance. This man was then offered hospitality by residents in the tiny settlement of Comstock. The man turned out to be railroad baron James J. Hill.
Hill was so impressed by the kindness showed to him by the residents of this small community that he decided to place his Great Northern Railroad there instead of in Caledonia. The name of Comstock was changed to "Hill City" in September 1880 in honor of Mr. Hill. The city was then renamed "Hillsboro" in 1881 after it was discovered that there was already a "Hill City" in South Dakota.
In 2006, Hillsboro celebrated its 125th birthday.

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