Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This beautiful Stave Church repleca is also located at the Moorehead Minnesota Museum.

The tour is guided and the excelent interpreters give great explanations of this beautiful church.

The shingles are shaped to look like fish scales. But I thought that they looked more like armor on an ancient warrior. The Dragons on the roof peaks seemed to add to that impression. To me this seemed to be the Church of an ancient warrior society.

A wedding was taking place just after we took the tour and we got to see all of the Wedding party as they arrived. The bride wore an ancient looking gown with a corset built into the bodice.

As we stood aside for the Bride and her maids to pass by, we thought, "I wonder if maybe her great, great grandmother was married in that gown"

We had plans to view several other venues in the Fargo/Moorehead area on this day. However the displays at the first stop were so captivating that we spent all of our time there ! If you get a chance to see this, ya' just gotta' !!

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