Monday, September 14, 2009


The internet has spoiled us ! It is so easy to do a vehicle registration on line in Arkansas, that when we have kept a vehicle for so long that the State sends us a mandatory "come in and re register" letter, we grumble, and . . . grumble. For example we renewed our 08' Jeep Wrangler on line earlier this Summer and the decals for the plate caught up with us at our Summer Job of camphosting out in Colorado.
But then the " mandatory tag replacement" letter arrived. We just had to come in to the Revenue Office to get a new license plate. Dunno' why, this one is still perfectly good, it just has a lot of renewal decals on it.

I usually leave the left edge of the previous year's decal showing so it is easy to count and see how long we have had our 96' Nissan 4x4 farm truck.
The internet has became such an important part of our lives, we do so many time saving things on it, from locating and landing our migrant worker jobs to taking care of routine chores such as vehicle registration renewals.
Hey, email us ! We ain't got no time fer' no "snail mail " !

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