Sunday, September 13, 2009


We have been home from Colorado for a couple of days now and are still trying to catch up on stuff ! The camphosting Summer job above 10 K was a wonderful thing. We are looking forward to being there next year.
It is six days until we leave for the Sugar Beet Harvest and we are rushing to get all of our plunder sorted out for the trip.
Betty will be taking samples for quality control and I will be operating a front end loader. The harvest starts on October first and runs 24/7 until finished, usually about four to six weeks. The job pays straight time, time and a half and double time. They also furnish a full hookup campsite. Here is a link to the web site:
Then after that it is home for the hollidays and deer season, then,,tadaaa ! off to the tie dye event at St georges Island ! We have our beach front reservations made already !
After that, who knows, more beach, flip flops & tee shirts we hope !

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