Thursday, September 17, 2009


With less than one day to go before we depart for North Dakota and the Sugar Beet Harvest, we made a startling discovery. Our small dinette cushions were soaking wet ! It took awhile to unravel the mystery and figure out just who the culprit was in this unfortunate turn of events.
When I went in the Ollie for the first time this morning I noted water dripping from the cushions. The bed cushions were damp but dried quickly. Just like in the old Sunday newspaper cartoon series POGO, we has finaly found the enemy ( culprit ) and he is us !
Here is what happened.
As I closed up the Oliver the evening before, I turned off all power to the fantastic fan. That meant that when a hard blowing rain came up in the night the rain sensor couldn't close the lid. The max aire must have turned most of the rain away, but it was such a hard blowing storm that the cusions were soaked.
So, today in addition to getting ready to leave, we are also drying things out.
He, he, leave it to an ol' redneck boy to find a way to "dumb down" smart technology !

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F said...

Larry, tell Betty we will be following ya'll on here. My sister ran into Betty at the beauty shop this week. I am a friend of her's from high school. I enjoy the pictures, videos and blogs so much!
I'm very anxious to read about about this journey ya'll are now on.