Monday, July 11, 2011


Autumn, Chris and family are on a road trip. They stopped by to see us for a brief visit, here in the rocky mountains. Even a casual monitor of this blog, readily picks up on the fact that Osier Station is one of our favorites for a great lunch.

However it is up high, just below 10 thousand feet, and accessible only by steam train or a rough road. Our Fagan family friends want to have lunch in Osier’s very cool, old, 1800’s train station, up in the remote Osier pass.

Six of us will drive up to Osier in our 4x4 Nissan pickup. Chris and I will ride up front. Chris’s seat will recline should we need to take a rest stop. The extended cab has two jump seats, in addition to the front seats. Autumn and Betty want to ride in the truck bed in lawn chairs for the best view of all.

Here is a couple of “getting ready” for the drive pix.


Cushions and wind breakers at the ready. 100_2783

Ground clearance is a critical component of being able to drive the road up to Osier, so the Fagan’s family sedan will have to be left behind at 8500 feet high.


Britt displays some of her coins that she smashed on the track at Sublette Station.


A closer look.


A quick evening meal after a great day sight seeing.


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autumn fagan said...

We had so much fun with you guys!!! Thanks for taking us to all the cool places!! Braxton is still talking about you!