Thursday, July 21, 2011


Dumpsters contain the stuff that a bear’s dreams are made of. The magical aroma of a dumpster waifting across a river valley can grab a bear by the nose and draw him in from great distances.

So, just what does a hungry, foraging bear do when he can’t get into a dumpster ? Here is a look:


When he does find a weakness in the dumpster, he will exploit that weakness. This one tore the lid off, breaking the hinges



Now, a bear that can turn a dumpster upside down, or, rip the steel lid off, breaking the hinges, that’s a BEAR !


Jim and Bobbie said...

Was this at Aspen Glade or Trujillo Meadows? We only had one bear appear at Tucker Ponds early in the season and nothing since. We have the camphost spray the garbage with bleach water and/or straight ammonia every day. So far it is working.

Happy Camper said...

People just don't think...and that is sad for the bear who happens to reap the punishment for doing what comes naturally. I have wondered if the ammonia or bleach trick would work. I know for dogs, spraying with jalapeno or habinero pepper juice (we cut them up, add a little water and boil for the juice) works great and it doesn't hard the animal or the ground!

Happy Camper said...

ooops...harm not hard :o)