Sunday, July 24, 2011


It’s that time again. In our first full year in our Coleman fiver, we traveled 16 thousand miles. So, it’s time to take a look at the wheel bearings again.

We will disassemble, clean, inspect, repack the bearings with high temperature grease and re assemble. Replacing any bearing that may be suspect in any way.

Here is a look at getting ready.


The x chock that we use while parked is removed, and the axle that will remain on the ground is individually chocked. Hydraulic jack and lug wrench are at the ready. Here is the type of High Temperature grease that we use.


This one pound tub of grease is a veteran of many thousands of road miles and we will probably use the last of it during this round of bearing packing.

Here is a look with the wheel off.


The EZ-Lube cap and rubber end plug are still in place.

The two wires in the photo are the two telephone lines that run to the office slide out, our line and the company line.


The lug nuts are stored in the chrome dust cover, to await the reinstallation.

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Happy Trails said...

You are so lucky that you know how to do all that important mechanical stuff!